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Individual Sony security cameras offer a wealth of differentiation. Not only that, Sony cameras within a particular 'series' deliver the ultimate solution and security for a specific space. Here you will find out all you need to know about each series of cameras from Sony

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W-Series: ultimate performance without compromise

Indoors or out – when you need the best security camera for the toughest job, there’s only one choice. Range-topping W-Series cameras are packed with a comprehensive array of Sony-unique technologies for best-ever Full HD picture quality in challenging conditions.

Sony’s IPELA ENGINE PRO™ processing platform delivers an extra-wide dynamic range for clear video images – even in harsh lighting environments where other cameras struggle with extremes of light and shade.

Catch split-second action with 60fps high frame rate recording. Survey the scene with 360° PTZ operation and the industry’s fastest pan speed of 700°/s. Grab powerful close-ups with powerful 30x optical zoom without sacrificing quality. Cut through city haze with Defog Image Processing and get clearer, steadier images with Gyroscopic Image Stabilisation.

Resistant to vandals, weather and extreme temperatures, rugged W-Series cameras take mission-critical surveillance to a new level.

Use W-Series for:

City centres, urban areas and malls, ports and transportations systems, stadiums, perimeters, public buildings.

V-Series: added value when you need it

There’s an extensive choice of V-Series cameras to suit any environment, including ruggedised minidomes, box-type and vandal resistant models that can resist rain and extreme temperatures.

A great video security camera starts with great picture quality. Sony’s digital processing platform delivers crisply-detailed images in HD or Full HD. And even when lighting conditions are less than perfect – from sun-drenched backlighting to dimly-lit car parks – it’s easier to see exactly what’s happening.

Value-added features like high frame rate recording make V-Series cameras particularly suitable for demanding applications like banking or casinos, where it’s vital to see exactly what’s happening with split-second precision. Intelligent Analytics can make your security operation smarter, with features like Face Detection and rule-based triggers in response to situations like unwanted intruders or an unattended bag. And with on-board Edge storage, recording to an on-board memory card can be triggered automatically in response to specific alarm events or unwanted tampering.

Use V-Series for:

City surveillance, transportation, railroad crossing, perimeter surveillance, banking, casinos.

E-Series: affordable, uncompromised performance in every situation

Premium picture quality and performance doesn’t have to be out of reach of ordinary security budgets. E-Series cameras share many of the signature features of our V-Series models – including Sony’s digital processing platform for superb HD or Full HD picture quality in virtually any surveillance application.

Power over Ethernet reduces cabling requirements, while simple adjustment of focus and zoom makes installation refreshingly straightforward for a welcome reduction in labour costs.

There’s a wide choice of E-Series cameras to suit virtually any security application – including ruggedised minidomes, box-type and vandal resistant models that can resist rain and extreme temperatures.

Use E-Series for:

City surveillance, transportation, retail, railroad crossing, perimeter surveillance, banking, education.

X-Series: with you for every journey

Make every journey safer for passengers and staff with X-Series minidome cameras that are designed for use inside public transport vehicles.

Small, discreet and easy to install, X-Series cameras provide a watchful presence in the confines of a bus or train interior.

The wide-angle lens means that fewer cameras are needed for complete coverage, cutting hardware and labour costs. Crisp, clear HD image quality lets you see exactly what’s happening – even at night time or in fast-changing lighting conditions where other cameras struggle. There’s also a built-in stabiliser to help keep video footage steady when jolts and vibration are constant facts of life on board.

In-built intelligence can recognise faces or suspicious objects – helping transport operators with tasks like passenger counting and contributing to greater on-board security.

In addition to the transportation X Series cameras, we have launched an indoor model: SNC-XM631

Use X-Series for:

Buses, trains, trams.

C-Series: all-in-one protection for small businesses

Protect offices, restaurants and small business premises with affordable, discreet IP network cameras that are easy to install and offer crisp HD picture quality.

Compact, C-series cameras include everything that’s needed for round-the-clock monitoring in an integrated package that’s easy to install. The passive sensor can detect the presence of an intruder in total darkness, illuminating the surroundings automatically with white LEDs that acts as an effective deterrent. The sensor can also trigger recording on optional memory card, issue voice alerts via the built-in speaker or sending an email notification.

The discreet, smartly styled fixed camera surveys the scene with a wide (120°) horizontal viewing angle. And HD picture quality is everything you’d expect, thanks to Sony’s acclaimed IPELA ENGINE EX processing platform.

Use C-Series for:

Small retail shops, corner stores, restaurants, hotel lobbies, gyms, office interiors.

H-Series: all around awareness

You’re always aware of the situation with versatile H-Series hemispheric view cameras. Indoors or outside, they’re a highly cost-effective answer for wide-area monitoring in areas where you’d normally need lots of costly cameras.

The unique panamorphic lens captures detail-packed video images that remain crisp and clear right to the edge of the picture. These ultra-wide angle pictures are cleverly ‘de-warped’, so everything looks normally-proportioned when viewed through a web browser or VMS (video management software) client. You can zoom in for a closer look at any part of the scene while recording of the whole area continues – something that a conventional CCTV camera simply can’t do.

Equally suited to indoor and outdoor use, weather- and vandal-resistant H-Series can replace several conventional cameras, reducing the cost of safeguarding large spaces.

Use H-Series for:

Lobbies and waiting rooms, retail spaces, car parks, college campuses, commercial buildings and warehouses.